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About equaTEK Interactive Inc.

At the foundation of every business, rests the spirit of the person or partners who grasped the vision and brought it to reality. equaTEK Interactive is the brainchild of its founding partners and draws its personality, functionality, energy and integrity from them. It is through their vision, individually and as a team that the foundation of equaTEK has been established and it is through friendship, trust and dedication to one another that the course to success has been cast.

Prior to forming equaTEK, Dave and Ed worked together for a software development company in the roles of Chief Technology Officer and VP/CFO, respectively. In this environment, they recognized a synergy and a unique combination of abilities that together, made them a powerful leadership team. Their history of success, proven out in their individual careers, enhances the value they bring to the equaTEK client as a corporate team.
 David Madison David Madison
[ President & Chief Technology Alchemist ]

The past twenty + years in the industry have given David a breadth and depth of experience in the software industry that ranges from embedded systems to e-commerce solutions for the web. Dave started his career in the defense industry working on leading edge, military systems that engrained in Dave the need for process in developing any software system. From there he transitioned into the business sector developing client/server applications and real time systems. As a certified database administrator, he has developed high-end database applications and database tuning. In the mid 1990's, Dave started developing web-based e-commerce applications. This diversity and depth of experience forms the core of the technical solutions provided by equaTEK.

 Ed Hanchett Edward Hanchett
[ Executive Vice-President & Chief Financial Alchemist ]

After graduating from St. Bonaventure University, Ed's career path has included financial management positions in the fields of health care, manufacturing, insurance, distribution and technological services. Ed's entrepreneurial spirit lead him into his own business venture in the mid 1990's from which much knowledge and experience is applied to both equaTEK and our clients. Ed's team leadership style, coupled with his breadth of management experience, has proven to be a powerful combination in his professional accomplishments. It is this same expansive experience that provides the foundation for equaTEK's Financial Portfolio of services.

Wondering what an Alchemist is?
Alchemists were chronicled during the Middle Ages and envisioned turning common, ordinary, base elements into gold. In an effort to develop and promote a distinct definition of equaTEK's role and purpose in the marketplace, our team embraced these same beliefs using knowledge, experience and logical intellect to transform the ordinary….into the extraordinary!
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