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  Merchant InformationCABWorx - The Merchant's Story
CABWorx – a Merchant’s Story

Merchants face many challenges in attracting and retaining customers.  Competition, location, product trends, product availability, geographical boundaries, and convenience – all contribute to a consumer’s buying decision.  As merchants strive to extend their market, “traditional practices” may reap smaller returns forcing the merchant to operate with greater agility and to not just think – but to operate “outside the box”.  Today’s economy alone, exacerbates the marketing challenges faced by today’s merchant.

The dawn of the Internet and the rise of e-commerce have brought successful growth to some merchants, while others find it to be intrusiveor a distracting barrier to their business.  Such merchants often encounter technical or financial challenges that limit their ability to effectively engage an e-commerce solution.  These merchants not only miss the potential revenues afforded by e-commerce, but they also negatively impact existing customers whose internet and ecommerce savvy define their expectations and influence their buying decisions.

Today, CABWorx provides merchants with technically comprehensive and financially affordable software by which they may engage in an effective e-commerce solution.  Utilizing CABWorx, a merchant can generate a fully integrated e-commerce storefront that manages ALL of their products. This presents a unified shopping experience, which accepts and manages on-line orders and even presents the order – by individual line item – to the fulfillment provider!  Its automated credit card processing, with payment distribution to each participating member, will eliminate Accounts Payable & Receivables. By utilizing CABWorx, merchants may be able to maintain lower inventory levels, offer an expanded array of products and accelerate revenues. It also gives you the opportunity to engage in NEW distribution channels to grow the business!

CABWorx….eliminating technical barriers; managing structural costs and accelerating commerce for today’s business. Remember…”Nothing happens until something is SOLD!”

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