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  Supplier InformationCABWorx - The Manufacturer's Story
CABWorx – a Manufacturer’s Story

Manufacturers often work with a population of Distributors, Merchants and occasionally, interact directly with the consumer.  Traditional sales and marketing channels, supported by the manufacturer, have existed to empower those that reside closer to the end consumer to best represent – and sell – the manufacturer’s products.  Product images, descriptions, and even established Manufactures Suggested Retail Pricing (MSRP) models are provided by the manufacturer for a single purpose – to increase the probability of a sale by the Distributor or Merchant. The manufacturing of the product continues thus generating increased revenues for the manufacturer.

Commerce and the consumers buying patterns are increasingly changing, reflective of a technically savvy and sophisticated consumer.  There are more consumers shopping the internet than ever before. Today, traditional sales methods are faltering, leaving brick and mortar stores void of shoppers. Their daily schedules are full and their objective is to maximize personal convenience.  No longer can retailers expect the consumer to come to them. Today & in the future, the storefront of choice, resides on a computer screen with the sale transacted at 3:00AM rather than at 3:00PM!

As retailers race to increase a consumer base, maintain profitability and create loyal customers, many seek to engage e-commerce only to encounter technological or financial barriers that appear too great to overcome.  Many abandon the hope of creating an effective e-commerce solution while others limp along operating within artificial boundaries that limit their success.

CABWorx, the Commerce Accelerator for Business, is the answer to all your software needs. It will bring Manufacturers, Distributors, and Merchants together, creating an e-commerce community where everyone has an opportunity to increase sales, reduce risk, and grow new business.

CABWorx can extend their traditional marketing support mechanisms in a manner that will further the distributor and merchants ability to effectively engage in e-commerce.  By integrating existing product images, descriptions and established MSRP’s into CABWorx, manufacturers enable their merchants to construct a fully integrated e-commerce storefront that is easily – or even automatically - maintained.  Able to produce an efficient and effective e-commerce storefront, merchants automatically gain a borderless market in which to attract new customers and better service existing ones!  Increased sales for the merchant translate into increased sales for the manufacturer! Interested in expanding your distribution channels?  The CABWorx community provides immediate access to distributors and merchants that may be interested in representing and selling your products.  Accelerate your business with CABWorx today! 

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