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Supplier FAQs

 About CABWorx  Gettting Started
What does CABWorx do?
Who are CABWorx customers?
Where is the CABWorx corporate office?
Does your platform support manufacturers and distributors who do not directly ship to consumers?
How long has CABWorx been around?
Which retail industries do you support?
How much does it cost?
Does CABWorx have a supplier agreement?
How long will it take to integrate my data into CABWorx?

About CABWorx

 What is CABWorx?
CABWorx is a platform that enables manufacturers, distributors and merchants to become fully integrated and through this integration enables manufacturers and distributors to find new new retail merchants to sell their products.  CABWorx enables merchants to subscribe to catalogs from multiple suppliers.  Merchants combine these catalogs together with their own catalog data to create one composite catalog that is then published to the web-store. 

CABWorx differentiates itself from its competitors in that it is also integrated with the storefront to receive the orders.  These orders are then split-up by line-item and sent to the fullfillment partner for shipment. 

It further differentiates itself by not only collecting the funds from the consumer, but it pays all the members of the transaction.  Thus eliminating risk, not to mention payables and receivables.

 Who are CABWorx's customers?
CABWorx has two primary customers: Suppliers and Retailers.  Suppliers include manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and drop shippers; any company that uses merchants to sell their goods to a consumer.  CABWorx enables suppliers, like you, to increase their sales and distribution channels by connecting with new retailers who want to include that suppliers products in their online store.  CABWorx reduces the risk and complexities of engaging small-volume merchant relationships. 

 Where is CABWorx corporate office?
CABWorx has been developed by equaTEK Interactive which is located in the Rochester, New York area.  Its mailing address is PO Box 885, Pittsford, New York, 14534.

 How long has CABWorx been around?
CABWorx was release in November, 2008.  Prior to this, equaTEK developed a similar product, which was called the 'Commerce Gateway' which has been operational in the market place for over 12 years.  This program was the proving grounds from which the needs fullfilled in CABWorx were identified.  

 Does CABWorx support manufacturers who don't ship directly to consumers?
Not at this time, however, please give us a call anyway and we will help connect you to a distribution partner which will be able to stock and ship your product(s) to the consumers for you.

 Which retail industries does CABWorx support?
CABWorx will support almost any consumer-focused retail industry.  Currently CABWorx supports, but is not limited to, the following retail industries:

  • Apparel
  • Art Supplies
  • Coffee & Break Room Supplies
  • Home & Garden
  • Learning Toys
  • Medical Equipment
  • Office Supplies
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • and more

Getting Started

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